Formal Complaint Procedure







Students wishing to file a complaint (or any concerned party wishing to file a complaint) are required to do the following:

1) The complaint is to be in written form, dated and signed by the person or persons filing the complaint.  It should contain information regarding the nature of the complaint; people involved in the complaint, and date the specific dispute took place if applicable.

2) This written complaint should be given to either Ms. Melanie or Ms. Sydney.


Either Ms. Melanie or Ms. Sydney will investigate the complaint within 10 days.  This will include talking to all persons involved along with anyone who may have witnessed the dispute.  The complaint and all additional information will be presented to all instructors of Knox Beauty College for review.  At that time, it will be decided if a resolution of the complaint is required or possible and make the necessary resolutions.

Any decisions and resolutions arising from a complaint will be made within two weeks of the original filing date.  If one of the instructors is involved in the original complaint, that instructor will be excused from the process of arriving at a resolution.

Let it also be known that there will be no adverse actions taken against any student who files a formal complaint.

Should the student making the original formal complaint, or any student involved in the resolution of the complaint, object to the resolution, they may appeal the instructor’s decision.

The appeal must be in writing and made within five days of the resolution of the complaint.  The written appeal is to be given to Ms. Melanie or Ms. Sydney and should contain specific information as to why the appeal is being made.  Ms. Melanie, the Director of Knox Beauty College, will then make a final ruling based on the appeal and all prior information within five days of receiving the appeal.


A complaint may also be registered with the following agencies:


Indiana Professional Licensing Agency
State Board of Cosmetology & Barber Examiners
402 W Washington St, Room W072
Indianapolis, IN  46204
(317) 234-3031

3015 Colvin St.
Alexandria, VA  22314
(703) 600-7600