Programs & Admission Requirements
Cosmetology - 39-5012.00

Admission requirements: 
Pre-admission test and High School Diploma or GED

This is a 1500 clock hour program: 

We offer two class schedules:  Full time day classes requiring 36 hours per week of attendance and Part time day classes requiring 20 hours per week.
Cosmetology classes start five times per year:  February - April - June - September - November

Cosmetology Instructor - 25-1194.00

Admission requirements: 
Pre-admission test, High School Diploma or GED, Cosmetology license, and verification of six months employment in a Cosmetology salon.

This is a 1000 clock hour program:   

Attendance may be full time or part time.



The following percentages pertain to students scheduled to graduate in 2020.

                                                 Overall     Cosmetology     Instructor
Completion rate                        58%          55.6%                  100%
Licensing exam pass rate         100%          100%                     N/A     
Employment rate                      90.9%          90%                    100%

The three ways in which Cosmetologists are paid are:  commission, booth rental,    and hourly pay.  Most graduates working full time will receive an average income of $30,000 - $50,000 per year.

This profession is physically demanding.  A Cosmetologist stands in one place the greatest majority of the day, putting a lot of strain on the feet, legs and back.  Likewise, the hands and arms are exercised excessively in this profession.

Cosmetology requires the use of chamicals for hair coloring and perming.  Used  with the proper protective measures, such as wearing gloves, these chemicals do   not present any problems for most individuals.  Disinfecting chemicals are also to   be used properly and with caution.  For further information, there is a folder with   the Hazard Communication Program (complete with Safety Data Sheets) in the      Instructor's office.

Licensing requirements for a Cosmetologist and Instructor in the State of Indiana  are:
1) at least 17 years of age (Instructor - 18);
2) has successfully completed the 10th grade or received the equivalent of a 10th grade education (Instructor-12th grde or GED);  
3) has graduated from a Cosmetology school;
4) has not committed an act for which the applicant could be disciplined under IC 25-8-24;           
5) has paid fee for the issuance of a license under this chapter.

There are various employment opportunities available after completing                 Cosmetology training such as:

Salon Cosmetologist-Salon Manager or Owner-Specialist in coloring, perming, etc.-Nail technician-State Board Member or Inspector-Sales Representative-Platform Artist.  Instructors may be employed as an educator.

After receiving a Cosmetologist license, additional training may be taken to become a Cosmetology Instructor or Electrologist.